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Below our programme's 14 different work packages (research projects) are presented. The programme's first phase (2020-2022) includes ten work packages and during the second phase (2023-2025) remaining packages will start.

For more information on a specific work package please contact the researchers in charge of that particular study. You find the researchers contact information in the presentations below. For questions on the research programme as a whole please contact project leader Maria Eriksson or communicator Hélène Lagerlöf.


Social Services interventions against violence from the perspective of childhood- a longitudinal study

The project aim to learn what social services interventions against violence may mean for children in a long-term perspective. During a five year period children in the age 7-12 years old will be followed and interviewed about their contacts with the social services and other agencies, and on their views on measures taken to support them.
Researchers in charge: Anders Kassman and Anne-Lie Vainik.


Anders Kassman


Anne-Lie Vainik


When societal interventions to protect and support are experienced as coercive by children previously subjected to violence

WP 2 explores children's views on coercive interventions and to aid the development of a child centred intervention system. This PhD-project conducts retrospective interviews with young adults who have been subjected to violence on their experiences of child welfare interventions, family law disputes, residence and contacts and child psychiatric care. Researchers in charge: Åsa Landberg, samt Maria Eriksson, Linda Jonsson and Anna Kaldal


Åsa Landberg


Children as service users in a coordinated intervention system- a post doc project

This post-doc project aims at placing focus on children's voices as service users in a coordinated intervention system against violence in close relationships. A two-year postdoc post is to be advertised in open competition during the second programme period (2023-2025).



Accessible research knowledge and research-based methods

Workpackage 4 consists of the work to make research knowledge and research- based methods available to a larger audience such as practioners, researchers and the public. As part of this is the creation of this webpage and during the six-year programme execute to national conferences. In charge of WP4 and communicator for Sivin-Child is: Hélène Lagerlöf.

More information on work package 4 

Hélène Lagerlöf



Specialised teams as organisational approaches to violence in close relationships

The aim of the project is to explore organisational, legal, institutional and professional aspects of the introduction of specialised violence teams within local authority social services. Special attention is given to Relationship Violence Centre (RVC) and Violence in close relationships (VINR) formed by local authorities in the Södertörn area. Researchers in charge: Ann-Sofie Bergman, Maria Eriksson, Martin Börjeson and Johanna Schiratzki


Martin Börjeson


Johanna Schiratzki


Shelters/ protected housing and the construction of quality at the interface between local authority social services, civil society and for-profit organisations

The project focuses on protected housing and the construction of quality at the interface between local authorities, civil society and for-profit organisations. Researchers in charge: Veronica Ekström and Johan Hvenmark.

More information on work package 6

Johan Hvenmark


Veronica Ekström


"BRA-samtal" with children whose housing situation is unstable: A rights-based and participation focused method to talk to children about their needs of information and support

Since 2011 the Children's welfare Foundation Sweden has been developing a model for talking to children in difficult life situations. The purpose of the model is to increase child participation in issues regarding themselves. WP 7 tests the usefulness of the model in relation to the target group of children with unstable housing situations (such as protective housing). The project is conducted in collaboration with the Children's welfare foundation Sweden and Save the children. Researchers in charge are: Maria Eriksson and Hélène Lagerlöf


Maria Eriksson


Implementing crisis intervention in the aftermath of a report to the police or social services

Aim of the project is to explore the feasibility of a family-oriented crisis intervention model in the aftermath of a police report or report to the social services regarding violence against children, within the local social services. Researchers in charge are: Linda Jonsson and Hanna Linell


Hanna Linell


Feasibility of a structured method for risk- and protection assessment of children exposed to IPV in Social services (iRiSk)

WP9 tests a structured risk. and protection assessment interview protocol in child welfare in Sweden by the name iRiSk. The models purpose is to provide support to the social services in their assessments regarding children. In the project interviews are conducted with children, parents and social workers. Researchers in charge are: Ulf Axberg, Maria Eriksson, Ole Hultmann och Clara Iversen. The project is a collaboration with the universities in Gothenburg and Uppsala.


Talking with parents who are abusive: Constructing a semi-structured interview protocol

Work package 10 is linked to WP9 In this ongoing collaboration project with researchers from ESBH, GU och UU an additional structured interview is developed to be used in child welfare investigations with parents who are abusive. Researchers in charge are: Ole Hultmann, Ulf Axberg, Maria Eriksson and Clara Iversen.


Measures to support children and carers when children subjected to violence are taken into care

This project aims at develop and test measures to support children and carers when children previously subjected to violence are placed in out of home care. The project will draw on the work carried out in WP7 and WP8 where children's rights and participation is the main focus. The project is a collaboration with Save the Children and five local authorities within the social services. Researchers in charge are: Hélène Lagerlöf, Linda Jonsson and Hanna Linell.


Implementing a coordinated intervention system

In focus of work package 12 is the aim om developing and testing a model for a coordinated intervention system in the scale of local context. The work package build on the previous and parallell work packages in the programme, as well as previous developmental work and research in Sweden on methods to work with violence. The aim is to aid both cooperation, and the development of a chain of research-based interventions that will respond to children's needs in the aftermath of violence. Researchers in charge are: Maria Eriksson, Ann-Sofie Bergman, Veronica Ekström and Johanna Schiratzki


Young people's violence in the public domain and the link to violence in close relationships- coordinating responses from the schools, the social services and the police

The projects aim is to develop models for coordinated interventions aimed at young people who have experienced violence in close relationships and who also have developed behaviour problems and/or use violence themselves. WP13 will be carried out in close collaboration three to five local authority social services. Researchers in charge are: Anne-Lie Vainik and Anders Kassman


iRiSk emergency assessments of risk and protection – a pilot study

This study is a first step in the developing a structured support for risk-assessemts in emergency situations of domestic violence in families. The aim of the project is on basis of research, iRiSk interviews and practioners experiences develop a model for emergency assessements. The aim is also to implement a first version of the model in a number of cases.

Researchers in charge are: Maria Eriksson and Filip Wollter


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