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The first year of our research-programme is already coming to an end. It has been a busy year and here below we give you a short summary.


During our first year our researchers have been working hard with the start-up process for the our different work packages.

In the twelve months that have passed 9 of our 13 work packages has started. Premission to perform our research has been approved by the regional ethics board. Meetings with collaboration partners have been held and data collection has commenced.

The 9 work packages focuses on societal interventions for support, accessible research, shelters, specialised teams, BRA-samtal, iRiSk, crisis interventions and a longitudinal study on local authorities interventions.



An important part of the research programme is to gather researchers and practioners for conferences


On the 5th of October 2020 a national conference was held by The National Association of Social Work in Sweden (CSA) in collaboration with Sivin-Child.

Participants in the conference got to listen to keynote lectures by Marianne Hester, Carl-Göran Svedin, Margareta Hydén och Mikael Thörn.

During the afternoon a little over 500 participants took part in 21 parallell seminars. The seminars presentations included researchprojects about how children are affected by violence in close relationships and also studies on different interventions and methods for support was presented.


On the 29th of April Sivin-Childs webpage in swedish was launched and on the 23rd of November the english version was presented.

One impotant part in Sivin-Child is accessible research so the results from our research can reach as many as possible.

In order to make information about the programme easy to access we have created a webpage for the reserach-programme in swedish and in english.

On this webpage visitors can read about our work packages and access articles and reports from the reserach studies. The webpage also includes a special entrance for children and young people with age appropriate information. If you have suggestions on items we should include on the webpage please contact our communicator Hélène Lagerlöf via e-mail.


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